Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"We" went to Medical School

This is not something I intentionally say, like "We' are pregnant" in an effort to include or be included. It is something I say unconsciously then finding myself correcting my statement to something like, "Well, I mean he went to med school and ... I was there..."

Unless you've been the woman behind the man it is hard to explain. Many of us have been super involved from writing their application essay for them to keep up with them in their text books.

We also sold our home, packed up and moved away to go to medical school; we lived there in student housing on campus with him.

Our dear hubbies get the sympathy vote in med school, "poor guy with the fam," but we know these folks are deceived. We are the secret weapon.

While other med students have to go to school, study, shop for groceries, wash their clothes, clean their living space, take out trash, etc... Our man does not~

When Chad was in med school, my goal was for him to only need to eat, sleep and med school. It's no wonder he did so well! And I take ownership in his success. I may not have gone to class or taken his tests, but I played a huge roll in his success in medical school and his further success in getting into a competitive fellowship.



  1. It's so true, I take absolute pride in taking care of as much as I can for him. Seriously, if he had to figure out where his dinner was coming from every night, he wouldn't eat (I witnessed this in undergrad). You better believe on graduation day I'll be shouting from the rooftops that "we" did it! Yeah, he kicked ass...but I dragged him through.

  2. Absolutely! I remember that first year of med school when I wasn't working and I made these gourmet dinners and packed his lunch every day, he would come home telling me that his buddies would be like, "Dude! Blake's got freakin' goat cheese chicken over there...or is that tilapia? Man, that looks so good!" Haha, they'd be eating frozen meals, sandwiches every day or nasty fast food. Or on family trips, the boys would be in the backseat asleep, and I'd be quizzing him an a gazillion drugs for an upcoming pharmacaolgy exam. Now he is about to graduate, and he has been talking about what I should get him as a graduation present. I'm like, uh, what do I get!? And I'm dead serious.

  3. And by the way, our dinners aren't gourmet every night, but I still do all the cooking, all the cleaning and most of the lunch packing, and I work from 7:15-5:30 every day with 10 other kids, plus my 2, then continue on with my 2 until bedtime. I'm worn out!

  4. just a side note... when i bring this fact up during disagreements, now that he has been through half of residency, i get a "there really is no 'we' in this" from him.

    med school was much more fun. residency is something else...

  5. This is so true! My hubby is always telling me how easy he has it compared to the single guys. I remember first and second year he wouldn't even take 30 minutes out of studying to go to the store with me. He would have starved. No question.