Friday, March 18, 2011


clever title, huh? sports are an integral part of my life and they'll only become more important as time passes. not only did orthoman match in orthopedics, but this year we'll be going to a stereotypical midwest town!!! that's right folks, we matched to the University of Generic-ness!!! it's a huge sports med program and orthoman even "adopts" a HS sports team each year and is their personal team doctor.

i've got to admit that it's pretty freaky to think of him as being someone's doctor. but freaky in a good way, not "wake up in your mom's body" freaky.

when we got our envelope orthoman handed it to me to open. and i hesitated. my hands were shaking and i paused long enough for him to say "well? open it!" but my hands just didnt work. so the envelope got torn in half {oops!}. and when i saw it said Toledo, it just didnt register in my brain. it definitely took a few minutes for me to understand. maybe that's stupid, but we waited SO LONG to get to this point that when it came, it was overwhelming.

we kissed, we smiled, and we waited for the ceremony to be over. once everyone was "matched" orthoman kind of took off without a word to go talk to his buddies. everyone was celebrating and happy. and i just sat there. i mean, i was happy, but it i was feeling SO MUCH. it didnt help that my 2 best friends {we're a core group of 3} BOTH matched to Mayo. and so i sat there and tears slowly fell.

i felt elated and happy and sad and mournful. because as excited as i am to meet the other "resident wives", i have a HUGE group of "med school wives" here in St Louis - as in there are 16 of us. it's taken me a full day to digest everything. i think i need another week to completely work through it all.

i guess i always assumed that there were only happy feelings on match day, but the reality is that it goes both ways. because starting residency means that we end the schooling chapter of our lives. it's madness! madness i tell you!


  1. So exciting! People love you no matter where you go. It's sad to leave friends but I'm sure you guys will love it! And yeah - that is freaky that Scott will be someone's doctor!? Awesome, though, too!

  2. When Chad matched in Knoxville I cried right then and there. It wasn't that I was all that upset, it was just the death of the dreams of 11 other possible homes, including my favorite - Jacksonville FL.
    Chad lasted one day in Knoxville in Radiology. He found out fast it was not the right specialty for him. Next thing I know he is offered an open spot at Mayo in Jacksonville!
    Despite my hesitation, I fell in love with Knoxville. I could have easily lived there and been very happy.
    Knoxville, like St. Louis, has a big spouse alliance. We have nothing like that at Mayo Jax, but we are very happy nonetheless.
    I know you will find peace soon. You will find things to get excited about in Toledo, it may just take a few days. Just, don't jump into buying a house... I've got one sitting in Knoxville...{sigh}...

  3. Congratulations! A bit closer to *us* - it's always sad to leave friends, but the world today means you are closer than in like - ~my day~ A door closes, a door opens or some such thing.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. Some good medical school couple friends of ours put JPS here in Fort Worth (where we matched/are staying for another 3 years)as their #2 pick as well. I was so hoping they would match here with us, but they matched at their #1 pick and off they go. to Phoenix, AZ. I'm a little sad, especially because this is the first year for JPS to even have a residency program. We are pioneers, and I am a little scared to go it alone. There are no residents before us to guide us and welcome us into the program. It is a little scary! Plus, Ben hasn't even been contacted by JPS yet. What is up with that!?

  5. Oh Natalie, I know how you feel...well kind of. I always assumed Match Day was a day of happiness as well but unfortunately the reality is that it can come with tears too, on either side of the envelope. I know you read my post (thanks for the comment by the way) and I hope it didn't scare you off as to what you might find in Toledo as it pertains to resident wives. While it may take a while to digest I hope you come to enjoy the next chapter of your lives in Toledo.