Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the beginning

hi. im natalie.

i figured i should at least introduce myself before i let you put your hand up my shirt {and ten points if you know what show i snatched that line from}.

if you havent noticed, my name is now on the sidebar under "Contributors". to say im stoked would be an understatement. maybe my uber excitement is lame, but im a nerd and that's just how it is.

so, background. im a jersey girl {yes, i love fake nails and desperately miss having them} who went to college and fell in love with and married a premed from colorado. we got married, got rejected by all of the med schools we applied to, waited a year, and reapplied. i figured that once we started med school, that was it. once we started though, we realized that getting IN was just the beginning.

somewhere along the way we found out we were having a baby {yikes!}. now we have a 17 month old "little bug". she's pretty cool. now we're newly matched and like Colleen, waiting for Thursday to come.

but honestly, im just happy to be along for the ride.


  1. Thanks for the intro! And congrats to you ALL on matching! As 3rd years we already stress at the chance of not matching- reading so many success stories on so many blogs restores my hope =)

  2. Hi Natalie! Welcome! My nails are a disgrace... I'm so ashamed. The sacrifices we make for our men.

  3. Welcome Natalie! Congrats on matching! I think ours were only two of many nationwide sighs of relief from spouses finding out that their Dr. Hs matched on Monday. I am glad you are part of the club! Having a baby in med school was scary - we had 2 {double yikes}, and we are expecting our first residency baby in October. That has been difficult for me to handle - being such a control freak - not knowing where our third baby would be born. Maybe tomorrow I will feel a little better about it. I am nervous about having a baby somewhere where I know no one and I am further away from my family and my husband is ALWAYS gone, but I know we'll get through it like we always have. :)