Sunday, April 24, 2011

Waiting Until Monday

Having a Dr. Hubby means we wait until Monday. Last weekend Cougar broke his arm playing with friends. Using a ruler and an ace bandage we splinted it up as Chad ran through his list of "what they would do in the ER" and we did it ourselves. I felt unsettled all weekend, because I am not used to NOT running to the ER because we have a Dr in the house. In the end he got in to an orthopedic on Tuesday and it totally did not matter that we did not go to the ER. They fixed him up in a cast just the same.

Then THIS weekend Brock got sand in his eye at the beach. It swelled up like a mother and he was an unhappy camper. We were at the beach with another Resident DR. and between the two of them they flushed Brock's eye with saline thoroughly. Even with two doctors present I felt REALLY unsettled not taking my baby to the ER. They assured me he'd be fine and his eye looks much better today, but I am still threatening to run him to an optho tomorrow if he's not all better.

I know they went to med school at all, but do you ever feel like you need to run them to a "real dr" just to be sure?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


ive been doing a lot of "wondering" lately. it seems like a common activity amongst the "almost resident wives" i know. we're on the cusp of this REALLY HUGE CHANGE, but it's not here yet. so here's a list of just *some* of my wonderings...

I wonder...

- where we're going to live in a couple of months
- if our house is going to sell soon
- where i'll go grocery shopping
- who will be the Bug's favorite playmate
- if there are a lot of other "quilters" and "sewers" that i'll meet
- what the best LQS {local quilt shop} is
- who will be my OrthoMan's closest friends
- if we'll find a good place to take the Bug swimming this summer
- what the weather will actually be like
- if i'll have trouble locating some of my favorite products
- what stores will they not have that ive learned to love
- is this a place with lots of good thrift stores???
- what will be my favorite place to go hang out
- what kind of outdoor activities are available AND fun
- will there be a lot of other med wives for me to lean on and associate with
- how long will it take for me to build a "family" of friends
- if i'll ever actually see my OrthoMan
- what kind of call schedule will "we" be on
- how the stress manifest itself on me and OrthoMan
- how the Bug will react to having OrthoMan gone again
- what will happen to our sex life
- how long it will be before we cave and I get a dog again {soon i hope!}
- if family will want to visit Toledo or if we'll have to go see them
- what the monthly budget will be
- if our neighbors will like us
- if the Bug will like playing the leaves this fall
- if the Bug will ever get tired of watching Cars
- if i can avoid seeing Cars 2 this summer
- if i'll ever capitalize my writing on purpose

what's on your "wondering" list???

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child Cruelty

What a medical training life does to a child is cruel. Especially when Daddy is off-cycle. Starting new schools every year or two is a brutal process. Chad changes on Oct. 1st instead of July 1st which is a kid's double whammy (new school mid-year).

I have a decision to make that is proving to be near impossible. I've been back and forth everyday (every 5 minutes) for about 3 months. I want to present my paradox and get your feedback.

We moved mid-year during this school year to a new home in the same general area, but different elementary school district. Rather than traumatize my 9 year old and make him change schools mid-year for the 2nd year in a row I have been driving him to his old school everyday about 4 miles away (16 mile total driving per day).

We only have one more school year left after this one here in FL and my daughter starts Kindergarten in the fall.

The skyrocketing gas prices have made it very difficult to buy gas and pay for all the other expenses of living. Putting our two kids in the new neighborhood school next fall would cut down on daily driving tremendously (we could ride our bikes everyday!)

Do I risk pulling my son out of a school he loves to do one year at the neighborhood school, just to move again the next year for one year at a new school again at the fellowship location?

Or do I do what ever it takes - eat beans, rice and ramen-, even if gas is $5-$6 dollars a gallon next year to avoid torturing this poor child with yet another new school?

btw - he can keep all his same after school activities, cubscouts, baseball, piano, only the school would change. The new school is supposed to be just as good academically.
Also, he is very opposed to changing schools.

I am at a point where I cannot make a decision. I know this is something where Chad and I have to make the ultimate choice, but I beg for your feedback, please. Perhaps your experiences could help tip the scales one way or the other.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

*almost* home

we took a brief trip up to our *almost* new home. it was a million emotions all at once. it felt awesome/exciting/terrifying/freaky/strange/weird/crazy/HAPPY...

i cant tell you what a relief it was to go up there and actually SEE where i'll be living. it's no longer this big unknown that i fear. instead, im actually really looking forward to moving!!! in fact, i think i'll be happier there than i was here in STL, which is really saying something because ive lurved living here. i keep telling myself that if i was able to find and make such amazing friends in St Louis, then there's got to be some pretty rocking chicks up in Toledo too.

and the money stuff??? well, it'll resolve itself somehow. right now, i need to kind of take a chill pill and a deep breath. i mean, no matter how much money i do or dont have, i'll still need to be careful about how it's spent. i guess we'll just have to roll the dice and see where it all lands. deep breath people, deep breath.

because we're going to residency one way or another...