Saturday, April 9, 2011


ive been doing a lot of "wondering" lately. it seems like a common activity amongst the "almost resident wives" i know. we're on the cusp of this REALLY HUGE CHANGE, but it's not here yet. so here's a list of just *some* of my wonderings...

I wonder...

- where we're going to live in a couple of months
- if our house is going to sell soon
- where i'll go grocery shopping
- who will be the Bug's favorite playmate
- if there are a lot of other "quilters" and "sewers" that i'll meet
- what the best LQS {local quilt shop} is
- who will be my OrthoMan's closest friends
- if we'll find a good place to take the Bug swimming this summer
- what the weather will actually be like
- if i'll have trouble locating some of my favorite products
- what stores will they not have that ive learned to love
- is this a place with lots of good thrift stores???
- what will be my favorite place to go hang out
- what kind of outdoor activities are available AND fun
- will there be a lot of other med wives for me to lean on and associate with
- how long will it take for me to build a "family" of friends
- if i'll ever actually see my OrthoMan
- what kind of call schedule will "we" be on
- how the stress manifest itself on me and OrthoMan
- how the Bug will react to having OrthoMan gone again
- what will happen to our sex life
- how long it will be before we cave and I get a dog again {soon i hope!}
- if family will want to visit Toledo or if we'll have to go see them
- what the monthly budget will be
- if our neighbors will like us
- if the Bug will like playing the leaves this fall
- if the Bug will ever get tired of watching Cars
- if i can avoid seeing Cars 2 this summer
- if i'll ever capitalize my writing on purpose

what's on your "wondering" list???


  1. this is such a great list...I have many of them myself! We are going into his third year and the big wondering list right now for me is fellowship... where? in what? I know "most" people have it all decided it seems but he is still considering options. Three more years up in the air... it's Wondering with a capital W. (and that's saying something since I rarely capitalize my writing on purpose)

  2. I wonder while I wander or I wander while I wonder... They say men think about sex every 6 seconds. I think medschool/intern/resident/fellow wives wonder every 6 seconds.

    Oddly enough, no matter how great a situation is I'm always eager to embrace change. Once the change happens I judge whether the change was a good thing or a bad thing, but I always hope that change will bring a new and glorious opportunity or experience.

  3. It's sooo easy to let your mind run wild with the wondering. You've made this huge decision and now are just in waiting mode. It is like the moment after the first big climb on a roller coaster where everything just stops and you're left hanging there for a moment before the momentum carries you through the crazy ride.

    We are heading into out 2nd year of residency so most of our big residency wonderings are on hold right now as it's too early to start thinking about fellowships and jobs...that will come next year. Right now the majority of our wonderings are fertility related and that's a list to big for the comment box.