Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child Cruelty

What a medical training life does to a child is cruel. Especially when Daddy is off-cycle. Starting new schools every year or two is a brutal process. Chad changes on Oct. 1st instead of July 1st which is a kid's double whammy (new school mid-year).

I have a decision to make that is proving to be near impossible. I've been back and forth everyday (every 5 minutes) for about 3 months. I want to present my paradox and get your feedback.

We moved mid-year during this school year to a new home in the same general area, but different elementary school district. Rather than traumatize my 9 year old and make him change schools mid-year for the 2nd year in a row I have been driving him to his old school everyday about 4 miles away (16 mile total driving per day).

We only have one more school year left after this one here in FL and my daughter starts Kindergarten in the fall.

The skyrocketing gas prices have made it very difficult to buy gas and pay for all the other expenses of living. Putting our two kids in the new neighborhood school next fall would cut down on daily driving tremendously (we could ride our bikes everyday!)

Do I risk pulling my son out of a school he loves to do one year at the neighborhood school, just to move again the next year for one year at a new school again at the fellowship location?

Or do I do what ever it takes - eat beans, rice and ramen-, even if gas is $5-$6 dollars a gallon next year to avoid torturing this poor child with yet another new school?

btw - he can keep all his same after school activities, cubscouts, baseball, piano, only the school would change. The new school is supposed to be just as good academically.
Also, he is very opposed to changing schools.

I am at a point where I cannot make a decision. I know this is something where Chad and I have to make the ultimate choice, but I beg for your feedback, please. Perhaps your experiences could help tip the scales one way or the other.


  1. I would keep him where he is... Change is so rough, and as it is, there is another one one the horizon with fellowship. And gas prices will probably go down (we can hope) and you can make really nice meals with beans :). We do!

  2. I was always "the new girl" when I was a kid, I'd definitely do everything you can to make him change schools as few times as possible.

    I talk like I'm horribly emotionally scared from switching schools a lot, but I'm very good at adapting to change now...unlike my husband who went to the same school district k-12.

  3. Would say that is so true, keely. I went k-12 at the same school, and adapting to change isn't the easiest...

  4. I was the new kid often as well, which is why all this is so gut wrenching.

    All of your thoughts are very helpful. To stay at the school the kids will have to have a transfer approved so it still may not ultimately be in my hands, but I need to figure out if this is a battle that needs to be picked.

  5. I think I would try to keep him in the same school, but mentally prepare him for switching. Like you said, it has to be approved and if it isn't you don't want him to be crushed. I think the most important thing is to just try your best to prepare him for whatever will happen. Nobody wants to do new and scary things, but sometimes we have to and helping him to deal with it is most important.

  6. Feel your pain. I'm staying in a crap house to avoid the school change thing. At least for this coming year. Next year is out of my hands. *sigh*