Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WE matched!

yesterday was one of the biggest days of our life. as Stacie pointed out, this is one of the last "we" moments in medicine. WE found out that WE matched in orthopedics. this is a pretty big deal for our family. my husband took 3.5 years and a leap of faith in choosing this field. he debated for months between family medicine and orthopedics. it was like trying to decide whether you want cheddar cheese ruffles and oreo cookies. both delicious, but completely different flavors.

and then there was the uncertainty. despite his ROCKING step I score, great grades, awesome letters of recommendation, scott was a nervous wreck. he freaked himself out about scrambling. awful doesnt even touch it. there were so many long talks into the night - all of our conversations seemed to focus on whether or not he was a legitimate candidate. my ears prickled every time he opened his mouth. but i knew better. and i was patient.

so when the email popped up yesterday congratulating him on matching, i screamed. when he came home last night, i swear to god he looked different. he had his confidence back. he really did *look* like a doctor.

then again, maybe it was just because he was wearing his white coat and was carrying his stethoscope.


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats! Isn't this whole WAITING thing the most awful thing in the world!!!!!???? WE matched into Rads! =)