Monday, March 28, 2011

Fellowship Bombshell

And I'm not speaking of a hot blond fellowess. No. I mean the fellowship bombshell dropped on me over this weekend.

I guess I knew this could happen. All of Chad's friends are applying to fellowships, so he wasn't going to be the only one who didn't right? I hoped so. Too bad.

Chad has decided to apply for Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship. We'll see how that goes. If he doesn't find the right place we'll just go to Plan B: get a real job.

Let's say he does match somewhere here are my questions about Plan A:

Where do we get the cash to move with? We are already coming up negative each month, especially with crazy gas prices. We went $200 over on car gas alone over the last two weeks. At least with a real job they cover moving expenses.

Chad is off-cycle, which means he would start Oct.1st with Fellowship instead of July 1. Would YOU move early and start kids in a new school for the one year OR would you move with hubby and start mid-school year, OR would you move with hubby and home school that year?


  1. Uhm, I'm sorry I got stopped by the "Chad has decided to apply..." part. Huh? Did you get no say in this? I love Chad. I have always thought he was the greatest guy, but whhhhhaaa?

    So if he doesn't do this, he starts a regular well-paying doctor job? What are the pros/cons for both sides here?

    I don't know how to answer this question. If things are as bad as you say, then why is he even considering this? I guess if he wants to do it, then let him figure out how to cover moving costs. Maybe he can ask his parents?

    Not trying to start trouble, but I'd be pissed, Stacie. Did he pray about it? Did you pray about it together before this decision that affects your whole family as made? :\ Just sayin'.

  2. well... i guess i am the other side of the coin. i think that it is great he wants to do a fellowship now {by chance does it increase his earning potential later?? even better!} because if he got a normal job, decided he wanted to do fellowship, then stopped making money and did the fellowship, i would be CRAZY. so at least its now, not later.

    i would move early with the kids... but that's just me... and i would make him figure out how y'all will pay for it. :)

    i just think that with something as big as a career, i wouldn't want this to come up years from now if i told him not to do it and he always wished that he had done it... you know? its just one more year... i mean, with what we've been through, what's another year? :) you are strong... you can do it!

  3. Girl, welcome to my world. LOL! Let me know if you need to commisserate. :o)

  4. I must be supportive. I've seen the carnage that goes down in this career field when the wife isn't supportive. One ended with the hubby in jail, but I'm not allowed to tell that story.

    Chad WILL have to find a way to pay for it. He's maxed out on loans, so his big plan is to sell everything we own and hand cart it to the fellowship location.

    Seriously, that is our only plan at this point.

    I'm stressing over how to even pay for airline tickets to his interviews.

    Maybe he won't have any and we won't have to worry about it.

    Melisa, let me know any of your secrets, PLEASE!

  5. Stephanie - It does not increase his earnings, only increases job security. With the tons of Nurse Anesthetists being cranked out presently who can pretty much do anything an anesthesiologist can do for 1/3 of the pay Chad feels like it would behoove him be more specialized.

  6. Job security rocks :). Hang in there!

  7. Ok, sorry if that felt like I attacked you/Chad. After reading these other comments, I realize I know nothing about your situation cuz I'm not there yet, but I still do think you should have some input. Love you guys and I hope whatever happens, that it all works out for the best - and it will!

  8. No worries Colleen! You will be here soon enough. I don't know if ER has fellowships???? Hopefully Ben will choose the easy way of doing things for the sake of your sanity. Chad has never chosen the easy way...or the affordable way, for anything...

    Like I said, there is no "we" in residency, unlike medical school. He's going to do what he's going to do, and I just have to have faith and trust that he is making the right choices for our family.

    But if anyone has any good ideas on how to make all this happen, I am all ears!

  9. Yeah, I don't think there are ER fellowships or at least Ben hasn't mentioned that at all, but I know he wants to be done as much as I want him to be done, so if there were, I doubt he'd go that route.

    Well, that sucks. In my house, there is always a "we" if it affects me and the boys! haha, I guess you have more faith in your husband than I do! I have to admit that our choice to stay here was mostly my doing. Ben wanted to put a diff program as his number 2 pick and after we talked about it, I talked him into here. I think the other may be a better program, but here is just SO convenient (and it is very good, too, don't get me wrong). He was balking at the time, but he is loving me now as he is right now shopping for a new ATV for his hunting cabin, lol.