Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blessed Day!

Today we found out that Ben matched at his #2 pick. This means that instead of packing up to move to Temple, El Paso or Corpus Christi, TX, we get to stay right here in our house in Fort Worth, TX.

We are very excited about this for many reasons.

1. Our family is less than 5 hours away. It would have been farther for us to visit family at any of those other locations. We wanted to be close to family because both of our moms are not in good health, and because I am expecting Baby Blake #3 in October.

2. We would have had to sell our house for much less than what it was worth to be able to sell it quick and buy a new house in a new location.

3. We like it here in Fort Worth. It is very family oriented. We have a strong church family support system here, an established business, and many friends. Plus, we live near Eagle Mountain Lake, and we are planning to buy a boat. The cost of living here is awesome!

4. Ben's main stress-relieving hobby is hunting. Here we are closer to the land where his hunting cabin sits. With the money we saved by NOT moving, he can buy a 4 wheeler to drive around on our land.

5. We never would have been able to get into another house with as much space as ours has for the money we would have had to spend on a new house. Our house is 3,000 sq. feet with 4 bdrms, 2.5 bath, a dining room and a large loft/second living area. It sits in an extra large cul-de-sac lot and backs up to a large field where several hundred yards away sits the playground of the school Jackson will start Kindergarten in. We bought it in 2007 for a base price of $119,000. It was a promotional house. Our builder builds spacious (but NON-CUSTOM) homes. (There is nothing customized about our house. No ceiling fans, no curved entryways, no vaulted ceilings or crown moldings. It is just pure space. Which was fine with us because Ben is quite handy and could add that stuff -and has - as we wanted it.) It WAS worth almost $170,000 before the housing market crashed. Now it is worth about $140-150,000.

When we move Sam into Jackson's room, so they share and each have a twin bed, we will STILL have a nursery, our master bedroom AND a guest room/office. The rooms are very nicely sized.

6. Because we saved so much money to move and now don't have to, we have an abundance of extra spending money to buy fun toys and things we want like a hot tub, a used four wheeler and boat, a new computer, a shed for the backyard, updates on the house, etc. Plus, I don't have to work next year if I don't want to. My days of running a child care facility with 10-12 kids are OVER, unless I want to. If I do, I have made a reputation for myself. I can easily pick up a few kids if need be.

7. At JPS, Ben only has to work 8 hour shifts in the ER, and makes a higher salary than those other places, and gets full insurance for the whole family paid.

To sum up, I am ecstatic. This was the best choice for our family. Other choices may have had more competitive programs, but this is, by far, the best choice for our family.


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful fit for your family!!! How exciting to finally find out after this process!!!

  2. Colleen! I am so excited for you guys!! It sounds like it was your number #1. We ladies love staying put in a great situation.

    How great that you can be mommy to just your kids for a while! I would jump on that in a heart beat.

    It can be a little anti-climatic to stay while others are moving off to other new and exciting places. That was how we felt in Tulsa when Chad stayed there to do his internship year of residency. Everyone moved off and others moved in, but I loved being there that year.

    I felt like a millionaire. Now, living in FL, I feel like a pauper. All our money goes to not living in the ghetto. I struggle to feed the fam, buy birthday gifts for parties, scholastic book orders are out of the question.

    You are going to love having some cash on hand!!!

  3. dude, that is SOOOOO awesome! woot woot! and im totally lusting after that house. i wouldnt want to leave either!