Friday, March 4, 2011

There is no "we" in residency

Things are quite different in Residency than they were in Medical School. Stephanie's comment is true, "it's something else." Something else entirely.

I felt actively involved somehow during medical school. As he learned in medical school, I learned. Perhaps by osmosis, not sure, but I came out of there feeling ready to be a GP!

I feel completely shut out of residency. They leave, then come back hours later... days later... I know nothing, NOTHING about what Chad is doing and learning. His training is mostly hands-on behind secured doors.

Unlike a school setting where just anyone can show up and walk around, a hospital is locked up tighter than a drum. We aren't welcome there.

Things are different on the home front too. He no longer gets the free pass he did from me in medical school. I expect him to pitch in and help out with dishes and kiddos.

With Loan Utopia gone, government aid gone and private loans demanding payback, the party is over. Out goes the feast and in comes the famine.

Do take comfort. As you run the marathon it only gets harder, but you're closer to the finish line.


  1. Oh crap. Well, I'll still celebrate the milestones. Even if it means something harder is around the corner. It's the only thing I know to do. And we'll move on and deal like we always do. ER residency is only 3 years. I can do anything for only 3 years, as long as we are all together. Match Day in less than 2 weeks girls, 2 weeks!!!!

  2. It IS different. For us, though, I feel more of a connection with my husband than I did in med school. Then, he was a student with all the corresponding lightheartedness of being a student... and I was a Working Professional. Now we are both working, and that feels nice - to both be on the same page, working together toward our goals.

    But you're right. Residency is TOTALLY different. Much harder in many ways. Luckily, I think it's going by much faster!