Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Match List Due Today

Luckily, I had the intuition to look up the Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Match list due date and it's today. Did my Dr. H know this? No.

He would have cruised on by and missed the match!!!!

I can only hope that other brilliant clueless doctors didn't have nosey wives that are too far into their business. Is that just awful that I hope people missed the match list date?! Golly I sound awful. The truth is out and now I can never run for public office. Oh well.

We got the match list in just in the nick of time. It is very short. Now we are crossing our fingers and waiting until June 22nd. Match Day.

Plan A) He matches
Plan B) He scrambles into a spot
Plan C) He gets offered a spot somewhere that's reserved for filling outside of the match

Out of all of these "plans" he should surely get a spot somewhere.

Since his last interview he has gotten VERY attached to his number one. It was much better when we were ambivalent and didn't really care where he matched. Then (in sorority terms) he got a "rush crush" on his last "house."

Now he's all nervous and stressed and getting all down and negative. He won't let me talk about what it would be like to go there or anything. He thinks if I talk about it then it won't happen. I have been essentially been silenced on the subject until June 22nd. Argghhh!

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  1. "Is that just awful that I hope people missed the match list date?!"

    Depends. Is it awful that I wished BRAD would miss the match date? ;o)