Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Truth

Well, it hasn't been in Vancouver or Toledo, or anywhere so glamorous :).
I love the concept of the last post because oh yes, we all do tell those lies until we are with those who truly know what it is like. Only then can we safely let our frustrated and exhausted and negativity hang out without fear of misunderstanding or judgement.
Of course, you know the Dr. Benjamin Blake family didn't end up having to move for residency. We have been able to enjoy this time at home in Fort Worth, Texas, instead of worrying about moving to a new place, and that has been a huge blessing, but we are nonetheless gearing up for some major changes around here.
Tomorrow (I'm 20 weeks along now) we find out the sex of baby #3 (Am I going to be redoing a nursery or leaving it boy-style?) and Friday is my last day of teaching in home preschool All this basically means that we will be rearranging our house. The playroom will be greatly sized down and moved upstairs to the loft, and I get to have a dining room back. Long story short - after Ben goes back to work, the house will be a flurry of ripping out downstairs carpet, getting the concrete stained, painting (You have no idea how dirty your walls get with 3 years of 10 grubby fingers sliding across them daily.), and moving furniture upstairs to down and vice versa. Fun for me, but also a lot of work for me to handle solo. (Well, not the moving furniture part...)
We have two weeks of vacations scheduled starting at 5:30 when I close Friday till the Saturday before the Monday Ben starts back. Ben starts mandatory training for residency on June 20 (which they so considerately JUST told us about a few weeks ago, so we had to reschedule our summer plans and cram them all into 2 weeks...but I am not bitter at all, ha!)
Natalie, I admit, I was a bit jealous of all the hugging and kissing and snuggling you and your bug are getting with Orthoman. What might that be like? Here in Fort Worth, ER-man is full-on driving me crazy! While I am still working these last days of school taking care of other people's kids and my own, I keep hearing, "I am on vacation!" more than I care to. As in, "No I am not going to help you with those dishes, I am on vacation." And "No, I am not going to change our son's diaper, I am on vacation." And, "I am going to watch this age-inappropriate movie in front of all these small children and their parents who are walking through the house to pick them up, because this is my house and I am on vacation." Frankly, he can take hugging and kissing and snuggling and shove it right now, lol, but maybe those are the pregnancy hormones talking. :) Okay, okay, it might be the pregnancy hormones because to be fair, he did get right out and fix the fence that was damaged in a recent near brush with a tornado last week. And I guess he has been getting up with the boys until 8am most weekdays so I can sleep in till I have to be up for preschool, but mostly, he has not been helpign with the day to day stuff liek I thought he would, and I just get so pissed off to see him watching Deadliest Catch or UFC or whatever stupid movie is on at the moment. I fear that we will need to replace the couch for the permanent lump he has made in it these last few months. *Sigh*
That is my truth. Are you sure you are not telling more lies? Sure would make me feel better if you were. ;)


  1. Sorry ladies, I actually first posted this on June 1, but blogger was giving me some problems and so I wasn't able to get it to show up till now. I won't be so silent from now on...;)

  2. I love it Colleen. When is our vacation?! Can I please take a diaper vaca?! I keep begging and urging Brock to please just use the potty...

    I feel much better too when it feels like we are all being productive. I don't mind him working to death at his job or studying, but hours on the playstation, sci-fi channel and sooner illustrated drive me nuts for some reason.

    And it's probably the pregnancy hormones, too. You probably couldn't stand the smell of Ben if he were to try to snuggle. Husbands are so stinky when you're pregnant.

    He'll be back working hard in no time. Let us know if its a boy or a girl!

  3. Oh I have since found out! It is a girl!! We are naming her Allyson Anne after Ben's mom and my grandma who just passed away in March.

    I am glad you can commisserate becuase after I posted that yesterday, I re-read it and I thought, wow, that was harsh! I originally wrote it the first week of June when I was still working and Ben was still on vacation. This week he started pre-residency training, so he is back to work again, and I am done with my preschool for good so I am just at home with the boys reorganizing my house and getting rid of all preschool stuff! I am in a much better place now, but yeah he really did drive me crazy when he was at home!! It totally messed with my routine and the boys' routine.

  4. dont you worry colleen, i have a "truths" post planned for tomorrow or saturday... but mazel tov on the girl!!!

  5. Congrats on the baby girl! You rock for being able to have kids during this incredibly difficult journey. So inspiring!