Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hurry up and wait

That seems to be the theme in medicine. Hurry up, get in your applications, go to all the interviews and then sit. And wait. And wait.

Brad is applying to both microvascular and head and neck fellowships. So, I guess that means we have 2 chances to get a fellowship. :o)

Friday is the match for microvascular (Portland and Jacksonville). July 1st is the match for head and neck (Iowa City, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Detroit, Wisconsin).

He is also applying outside of the match, so we know that Plan A (see Stacie's post) isn't going to happen. We get to scramble into a spot or take a reserved spot. This whole process just makes me nuts. He got a call today from one of the "outside the match"(see Stacie's plan C) spaces offering him a spot, but he still wants to see what will happen with all of the spots. Oh fine. July 1st isn't that far away. Unless you are waiting for the match. :o)


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That means he's in for sure right?! Are they willing to hold the spot for him while the match goes down?

    Maybe not 1st choice, but A choice is better that no choice!!!!

    The wait may kill us. It could. It might.

  2. I hate hurry up and wait and it seems to be the theme of our lives lately. Won't it be nice some day when we won't have to constantly be thinking, "where are we going to be in 3 years."
    Good luck with the match and I hope the next few weeks fly by.