Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Doctor Thing is Finally Starting to Pay Off

Today Cougar, my 8 year old, busted his face (chin) while playing a pick up game of tackle football. You should have seen the other guy - 6 stitches to the head.

Chad's on call, so I throw my entourage in the SUV and head up to the Mayo ER. I page him on the way. He meets us at the ER door and by the time I've loaded the other children up in the stroller Cougar is Dermabonded all back together and ready to head home.

I felt like I had just won a boxing match or something! I was waiting for the ref to come shake my arm in the air symbolizing my first victory.

Chad's first week of residency we took a little one to the ER - it took all night and I'm still making monthly payments.

Now, our third year into this, we are finally bypassing triage and the registration desk. YES!!!!


  1. That made me smile. Who treated "the other guy?" :/

  2. YESSS! Score!

    I'm a medical student and last week a doctor at University Hospital saw me FOR FREE! I had no idea that such perks existed for being part of the medical community.

    So glad you're (finally) getting the VIP treatment and were able to get out quickly! :)

  3. That rocks!

    The times when having a doctor in the family is CONVENIENT are few and far between... But when they happen, they are usually very helpful!