Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dream House Therapy

My dream home is my happy place. My dream house is off on an acreage. More specifically it sits on 8-10 acres. This gives me enough room to ride my dream horses around.

My first home crush was on the "Father of the Bride" house.

Similarly I fell in love with the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" house. Funny story, when in Oklahoma I got to be friends with a guy who grew up in that house. He showed me pictures with Matthew Broderick and everything.

Most recently I was watching "Dear John" on Netflix and saw this house. I had to track it down. After searching out the filming locations I found it on an Island off of South Carolina.

One of my house crushes I found on the cover of Pottery Barn about a year ago.
Weirdly enough this house is located in Napa Valley. After searching out an actual photo of this house I got a picture of what it looks like untouched by pottery barn professionals. Still lovely.
I obviously have a type. My dream home is white, with shutters, most likely a porch on front. A traditional center hall colonial farm house.

This maybe a little grander than what I have in mind, but isn't it lovely?


  1. Ditto to all of those houses.... especially the father of the bride one!

  2. So pretty! I love that style of home. It looks so grand and classic!

  3. Oh it is SO beautiful... I would love a house like that!!!

  4. Oh me too! Me too! I love the big huge wrap around porches and the shutters! I just makes a statement! There is a house next to my grandparents' house in Allen, TX that looks similar. They have horses and some land, too. It is beautiful! I hope you get your house someday! If not, then something you love equally as much!

  5. Love your choice of homes. I am a big pottery barn lover, so that type of house seems to fit right n with my taste! I happened across your blog today as I was searching "doctors wife blog". My husband is a physician and I understand the challenges! Looking forward to future post!

  6. Wow! Those houses are all gorgeous! Can’t blame you for loving them! Anyway, an ideal home, aside from having beautiful aesthetics is the one that’s perfect for raising kids. Good environment is one of the priorities. And of course, it should be something that you can afford.

    Patricia Ballard