Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is this the only horse I'll ever have?

Being at a Mayo Hub, we get a lot of visiting docs. In town right now we have a medical student family and a resident family that finishes up in June and gets to start living the dream.

We invite both over for dinner. As we are talking, the med student family is discussing the joys of loans and food stamps.

The family finishing up residency starts to talk about the lawyers and contracts etc... then she said something that haunted me nearly as much as the first time I heard about "scrambling."

The resident wife said, "Taxes will take about half, then after a $2000 a month loan payment we're not left with much afterward."



  1. You will be fine. You will have more money; but more things that need money spent on them. You will still have to be frugal. But I don't think you will give yourself a guilt trip over buying a $35 necklace {like I am doing right now}

    At least this is what I tell myself!

  2. Being originally from ND/MN Mayo is our #1 choice right now, but we'd be happy at any one of the 3. I love reading about your experiences!