Monday, December 13, 2010

What do you do on call night?

How do you spend your husband's call night???

I usually make the kids Mac and Cheese, cause they love it and he HATES it.

Then we make daddy cookies and drive up to the hospital with his cookies, his fan, a toothbrush and an extra pair of socks.

-A nurse sent home a homemade cookie cake with him the other day. I said "Hot-Nurse-did-what?!" He said, no it's -FOR YOU-. "Huh?" It was because I always brought cookies up on call night and he shares them with everyone. One nurse thought it was time someone made me cookies : )-

Now its time for fun! Put the kids to bed. Get out computer and watch my shows on Hulu all night OR watch a chick flick he would never watch with me that I picked up at RedBox. He usually gets more sleep than I do on a call night.

When the cat's away the mice will play!

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  1. I'm glad that you make the most of his call nights... I'm actually a little worried about that time in Coy's and my life, but it's honestly just because it seems so unknown to me still.

  2. i secretly love call nights. its an archer farm pizza from target, taking starbucks up to the hospital, and then coming home and tackling a project that i wouldn't normally do with him home {cleaning out a closet, sewing, soap opera marathon, blogging, etc.}

    i always end up staying up really late. like, REALLY late.

  3. Can't say I love call nights....but I too try to put it to good use watching girly chick flicks and wearing a green mud mask on my face. If I had more girl friends in the area I might make it a martini night and go out on the town. But really, that's all just to make me feel better because call nights are horribly lonely. One day I hope to just enjoy them for what they are!

  4. Oh I secretly love call nights, too!! I do much of the same things you do, only you are waaaay nicer than I am. Once he is gone, he's gone. I don't make him or take him anything, lol. Maybe I will next year if I'm not doing the preschool anymore. I have a feeling I'll be baking a lot more next year. I can't wait!!!

    The best thing about when he is gone is that I can put the boys to bed, and get the whole house clean, with no stupid UFC or football game blaring on the TV full blast at me. When the preschoolers leave, I really long for peace and quiet in my home. Sometimes I watch TV (chick flicks or a show I DVR), but usually I get all the things done I never can do with kids underfoot or a messy husband following behind me leaving cereal boxes out on the kitchen counter and dishes in the living room.

    One thing I tried this year when Ben had two months of out-of-town audition rotations is trade off with a friend (whose husband traveled during the week) cooking dinner. We'd go to her house and she'd cook dinner for us ladies and our kids, then the next night I'd cook and host. It was so awesome, and less lonely.

    All and all, I guess I just accept that he is gone, and try to make the best of it. I do miss Ben, but my biggest problem is that I don't feel safe. I have a hard time sleeping without him in bed, and keep the shotgun next to my side of the bed at night.

  5. Safety issues can be a huge call night buzz kill! In our last two home we were in shady locations that terrified me to sleep alone.

    Our new place is off the beaten track and has multiple on-sight security guards, so let the fun begin!

    I still sleep with a can of pepper spray and two shot guns under the bed.

  6. okay, i do agree with the not feeling safe part. i've called the cops a couple of times. i also HATE being alone and hearing the police helicopter hoover overhead. i just keep telling myself - "why would these people want to steal from somebody who is poor..."

    also, we too have a gun.

  7. About half the time, I enjoy call nights. I eat my favorites... Watch all my shows... And/or get some work done.

    But I have a LOT of trouble falling asleep without my husband beside me. So I usually end up feeling really tired the next day.

    I love that a nurse made (or bought) YOU a cookie cake! What a nice way to show her appreciation! And I am so impressed that you make cookies for them! I sent my husband in with cupcakes once... But that was it. Maybe sometime I'll do something similar?

  8. I watch chick flicks or shows he doesn't like. :o)