Thursday, December 9, 2010


So Ben (my MSIV hubby - in case you forgot from my last post) got his letter in the mail from his #1 Match pick. He did an audition rotation there, his interview went very well, and he feels really good about it. He is specializing in Emergency Medicine so although it is competitive, it is not as competitive as say, Surgery, and he had great Board scores, so he feels somewhat confident that we will match there.

Anyway, my question is - Did any of your husbands recieve encouraging letters from programs where they interviewed? Is this a common practice?

The highlights of Ben's letter said, "We have reviewed your application and interview along with comments from the residents who met you. Your application and interview were impressive and we hope you will rank us favorably on your list. Should you have any further questions about our Emergency Medicine Residency Program, the opportunities available here, the city of ____ and surrounding areas, or feel you need a second look, please do not hesitate to contact us."

So what do you all think of this? Should we feel encouraged that we received such a positive letter months after his interview, or is this just part of the politics of the craziness that is the Match process?


  1. I think you should feel very encouraged! Rob didn't get letters from everyone but he was contacted by the department where he ended up matching. It's a very exciting time... and exciting can be extremely stressful! I would take this as a good sign from the program. Take this little letter and celebrate with a maybe hopeful could be just maybe dance around the living room. March will be here before you know it!

  2. I would say this is a VERY good sign! Yay!

    Chad matched at a place that sent him a similar letter.

  3. My bf got a letter like this from a program. He ultimately didn't rank them #1 and didn't match there but he later heard from a friend who knew the program director there that he would have matched there had he ranked them #1.

  4. That's very exciting!

    I'm trying to remember exactly... I think my husband got several letters along those lines, but NOT from his #1 pick... And we didn't end up matching at his #1 pick. I guess I'd say it's both common practice AND good news, because while you can get several letters, you may not get them from every program.

    Fingers crossed that you guys match at your #1 spot!

  5. I think it is positive! My husband received a phone call from his #1 stating similar things and he matched!! :)