Monday, August 8, 2011

audience participation - MYTHS

okay girlies, i think it's time to have some fun here. after reading Mrs. F's latest post, i started to think about the Doctor's Wife Myths. so here's how this is going to work. i'm going to start by putting down a few of my favorite myths. then, you're going to jump in and continue the list in the comments sections. it seems like there are just a few, but then, once you start thinking about it, there are actually a LOT of them. so here we go!

  1. all Dr. Wives are blonde, skinny as hell, tanned, and constantly "going to lunch" or "the club"
  2. we're all about the benjamins
  3. we wear tennis uniforms all the time
  4. we have 1 or 2 gratuitous kids for the sake of having someone to spend money on, but neither the Dr. or the Dr. Wife really care about their kids
  5. our houses are all GINORMOUS (even the psychiatrists, pediatricians, and residents)
  6. we're either the practice wife or the trophy wife
  7. we have no limit and no balance on our credit cards
  8. there's a housekeeper/maid and nanny to take care of everything messy in my life
  9. the hardest decision we have to make is what cocktail to order next
  10. we're all lushes and have prozac/valium problems
  11. we married for the money
  12. our DrH is sleeping with the hot nurse but we dont care (because of the money)
  13. over the top vacations, massages, mani/pedis, country clubs, unlimited clothing budgets, and cute pool boys come standard.
alright ladies... take it from here!


  1. 1. I'm not skinny. I'm average size. I am tan. Because I'm 75% Mexican.
    2. I'm not "All About the Benjamins. I'm a freaking lawyer. I'm I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.
    3. I do not enjoy tennis. In high school, I got pegged in the ribs with a tennis ball by a guy serving in the course next to me during gym class. I wear suits. Or gym shorts and t-shirts.
    4. I'd freaking die if my cat got a paper cut. I don't have kids, but I'll sure as hell take care of and love them when I do have them.
    5. Our house is barely worth $100,000.
    6. Again. I'm a lawyer. I got my own house (well, maybe not). I got my own car (I really do).
    7. Ha. I pay my credit cards myself.
    8. Ha. I would not WANT a maid in my house. She wouldn't clean right. I prefer to do it myself.
    9. I'm a lawyer.
    10. I'm TERRIFIED of Rx drugs. I don't even like taking aspirin.
    11. ... I got my own house ... I got my own car. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means?
    12. Bitch, please. I'll break yo face.
    13. We haven't been on a vacation in 2 years. I pay for my own manicure. The public pool is great. My mother still buys me clothing from department stores. I don't have any need for 17-year-old boys.

  2. LOL @ The List and LMAO @ Marisa's response

    14. Your children are spoiled
    [My father is a physician, and I grew up with kids who thought I had everything--trust me, THEY had more AND their own bathroom.]

    15. You have your own career
    [Surprisingly, in DH's residency program, people *expect* the DW's to have a job/career/etc./ Ugh. I just wanna do me at this point.]

    16. You're COMPLETELY clueless as to what he does all day at the hospital.
    [I can talk shop about cases like the rest of 'em. I know what a pulmonary embolism is!]

  3. I think ya'll have put together a great list. SO true!

    I have noticed that since we started this whole medicine thing that many women - especially queen bee types - will keep there distance from me. Like, that my husband's doctorness may dethrone them or something. (Even women I have known and been close friends with half my life)

    It this my imagination or has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Rachel - hating will not be tolerated here. Come back when you can play nice.

  5. ha! this is greatness! I totally believed these were the myths back in med school/residency but what is hysterical is now I am blonde, skinny and tanned. I was a dyed red head for 20 years, three kids during his residency had left my body looking abused, but after a year in the gym daily I am way stronger than ever, I went platinum to be more punk (think Annie Lenox) and I discovered Jergans tan lotion makes me look humancolored, not my natural sickly ghostlike. So now I am #1 on your list!! (except my 'club' is the public gym.)

    And #8 - When he started working 60 hours a week I did hire a woman to help 15 hours a week with the house - moved her up to 20plus hours when he started working 80 hours, but she doesn't show up regularly, as she has her own family and two other jobs to balance. I do most of the cleaning, she does laundry(I HATE laundry) and bathrooms. This frees his home time up for playing with the kids and me, no nagging about chores.

    This list and the addendums are true - the false perceptions people have about who I am and what I do because my sweetie is a doctor floor me daily. 18 years ago I was in art school, dating a long-haired jazz drummer!! It's been a long strange trip. The fact that I'm a SUV driving drs wife in the suburbs with a maid is surreal, but hardly the whole picture. We're in a modest neighborhood for this area, I know there is no extra money and I hope we're out of debt before the kids go to college, but I doubt it.

    I have one to add:

    17. My husband can diagnose what is wrong with everyone, and we get excellent medical care from him. (hah! We have to insure ourselves because he's a self-employed contract employee!! NO BENEFITS)