Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can you ever go home again?

We just participated in our first "real job" contact.  The OBGYN who delivered our 9 year old, Cougar, found out about Chad's fellowship match and has passed his name on to the children's hospital in our hometown.  We found out they talked about Chad in a hospital board meeting!!!!  Whooo Hoooo!!!

What's so crazy is that we don't know anything.  We don't know what amount pediatric anesthesiologist make to know if any offer is good or not.  No one really touches on that taboo income subject.

It's still over two years away, but they seemed to think this was the perfect time to start talking.  I guess our short-term fate is set at this point: we know when he'll be done with residency, we know what fellowship he's doing and when he'll get done, so there's really nothing but time to wait on now.

How would you feel about returning to your hometown when all is said and done?


  1. Well, my hometown is your hometown, but I just don't think I could ever go back. I'd love to be closer to Ben's family, but my family is moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have talked about moving closer to the border so our drive wouldn't be as long - only 3 hours - but I doubt we ever live anywhere but Texas unless Ben gets his way and we move somewhere where it snows a lot and he can ski. (Booo!) There is just so much much opporunity here in many areas and the school districts are really great. The people have higher standerds for how they want thier kids to grow up and so the general attitude isn't IF you go to college, but WHERE you go to college. I like that. I didn't feel that pressure from anyone else but my own family and upbringing growing up in the T-BA area. Also, Ben is a DO and we've heard that there are some complications for out of state DO's to become certified in our home state. Plus, well...there's always the past for me. Let's leave it in BA. BA can have it. ;)

  2. Colleen - you probably know that I grew up in TX and didn't move to OK until my teen years. TX is a wonderful place to live!

    The downside of going back to OK is I know ALL the BAD, ya know? Anywhere else in the country, I don't know the bad about...YET.

    There are people I don't miss that I would be sorry to be in their company again : (.

    There are people, like family and good friends, that I would LOVE to be around again all the time.
    I didn't realize that DO's had any issues in OK.

  3. I have definitely burned some bridges so I don't know if I would want to go home. And by burn bridges, I mean that I've refused to friend/de-friended some people on Facebook. Also I have skeletons in my closet [nothing too bad, I promise], and would prefer to keep them there :)

  4. How EXCITING! That is so cool, to be up for discussion this far out!

    My husband and I wouldn't return to my hometown. It's too small and remote, and I don't think the patient population could support his specialty anyway.

  5. I would love to be back in my hometown! glad I found your blog!

  6. Good for you! It always feels good to be a little closer to the next step. And at the risk of sounding shallow...closer to the $$. Lets not kid ourselves though none of us did this for the $$ it will be nice to finally enjoy after so many years of scrimping. So, congrats!
    As for the hometown question...maybe. I used to think that is what I wanted until we moved back for clinicals and my parents were super-overwhelming and there was other family drama. I think if we moved back to the area after residency (potentially with a bigger home)my parents would be trying to move in ...I'm not joking :_( So, for that reason we probably will be within a few hours drive if possible but, not the same town I grew up in. Of course, it also could be nice to move down south sfter 7 years of Erie winters!

  7. I think about too! Every time I go back for a visit it just reminds me of how much I miss my family, but the family drama, and my in laws would also try to move in, so we would maybe move with in a couple hours of our hometown.