Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where NOT to live

Lately, like since residency started, Dr.H and I have gone round and round about where we want to settle. The only thing I know for sure is anywhere we look is either:

Too Hot
Too Cold
Too Expensive

So I would love any feedback you could give me on anywhere I should definitely take OFF our list of future hometowns.

I'll start. The worst place medicine has taken us is Oklahoma City. It's windy, it's ugly, the people were... uggh... Okay, so the ladies I met in Junior League were super, but the people I met a church were bizarre. My biggest fear for match day was seeing Oklahoma City anywhere on that piece of paper.

Where is the worst place medicine, or life, has taken you?


  1. Hmmmm... the best place we ever went was San Diego.
    I want to end up there!! (Although this may fall under the "too expensive" category).

    I am not sure about the worst though.

    I hope you guys find a perfect "end" completely opposite of Oklahoma City!

  2. Worst place that both life and medicine has taken me...and I'll probably get flack for it... is NYC. Now that I've lived outside the U.S. I've seen much nicer cities with the same amenities as NYC. It isn't as big or quite as trendy, but there are definitely upscale, trendy places in global cities. The food/clothing here (in our budget) just sucks in comparison and I'm always telling my husband that I can't wait to leave. It's something I need to work on in my personality because I literally b!tch about it all the time. The people are a lot ruder and more low-brow on the public transit too (which makes up a big part of our lives here, since we do not have a car).

    I second San Diego as one of the better places to settle (although I'm a little biased because it's my hometown), and although it can be expensive, it doesn't have to be if you look around and settle for suburbs or less space. Esp. in this market!

    I hope we don't have to go to Oklahoma we may have to because my hubby is ranking all the anesthesia programs he can. :S

    What I would like to know is how Drs Wives make the best of moving to random cities.

  3. K I didn't know you were a San Diego girl... I just LOVE that place. Love love love... ahhhh... just dame dreaming about it right now. Love it.

  4. We just spent 5 hours talking about this exact question! As 3rd years--- we just really want to match to a residency that we would love to stay not just for 5 yrs but for the start of a practice too. But every possibility has too expensive, high crime, really far from family or a 6 yr program whereas most others have a 5 yr. We've lived in the midwest our whole lives and worry about 'culture shock' of the coasts. It's awfully hard picking a place when there is no way to spend a month hanging out there and meeting people to see what I think! We've done ND, MO and KS and are looking at MI, PA, IL, or Kansas City.

  5. hahaha! I'm an Oklahoma girl and I would suggest being careful with the church people... You have a huge amount of southern baptist people who think gays should be sent to an island... I hope OKC doesn't end up on there. lol

  6. Worst places we lived during medical school - Northeast New Jersey!!! The most expensive rent for a 1 bedroom apt (that was sooo nasty), not very friendly people, no sense of community up there. And Detroit, MI (just overall BAD!!)

    Best places - London (yes, that place over in Great Britain), San Diego (too expensive and far away from everyone for us).

    I think the place we live now for residency is pretty good...just sort of average. We move in 7 months to Charlotte, NC and I've only heard great things, so we'll see. :-)

    We are also trying to figure out where to settle down after fellowship and I can't wait to hear where others say are good places to live!!

  7. @ Elissa - I think Charlotte would be great! Chad does OB rotations at Wakeforest and we really like NC. I bet you are ready for those real interviews these days!

    It's so good to hear how things are going for you. Please keep me updated!

  8. I love, love, love Texas. I hope we never move. We have lived in Denton and now in Fort Worth. Denton was okay, but I love, love, love Fort Worth. It is such a family town, but with the Metroplex feel to it. We live in teh North Fort Worth/Saginaw community and the church and people are WONDERFUL! I have met some lifelong friends, and wouldn't mind if I raised my children here. We'd like to end up in Sherman, which is closer to the OK border, because it is beautiful and hilly, and centrally located to family. (My parents may be moving to Texas within the next year.)

  9. Oklahoma City is our home and we've been trying to return after experiencing HELL in St. Louis. We sold our wonderful home in OKC, I gave up a my wonderful teaching job as a band director, and we made many sacrifices to move to STL so my husband could become a physician. Our move happened at the worst possible time. I was turned down by 4 staffing agencies because I was "over qualified" and my only teaching interviews were with inner-city schools that had high turnover rates with their teachers and it was obvious that I wasn't hired because I was white. Yes, I'm for real! So, I went back to school to pursue a third degree just so we could have more loan money to help us scrape by. When I realized how unhappy I was with that path, I quit school and focused on me. Being poor and not being able to afford food combined with obsessive workouts lead to extreme weight loss. That's a whole different story though.
    My husband did apply and receive a interview for both residency programs in St. Louis, but he cancelled them. We couldn't bare to live in STL another day. Plus, I'd already taken a job teaching back in OKC. So, I'm in OKC and he's in STL. Thank goodness for away rotations!
    I'm sorry your experience in OKC was anything but great. That makes me really sad. I have made many new friends from other places just since I've returned and they are loving OKC. I do have to say that OKC is divided and depending on where you live will make all the difference. I grew up in Edmond (north OKC) and loved it. In fact, I hope we end up there permanently someday. I currently live in west OKC and love it. Everybody is super nice. My neighbors will even come knock on my door just to invite me to dinner with them at a local restaurant... and they treat!
    Churches are another story too. I have attended Life Church since 1998. You can watch their services online at anywhere in the world. It's non-denominational and they don't cram religion down your throats. We NEVER found a church in STL, which saddens me.
    Well, if you're still in OKC and need a friend, let me know. I love showing people the wonderful parts of OKC. They do exist, I promise. I just wish I didn't have to leave to realize it. I won't ever take OKC for granted again.
    Best Wishes!