Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Trips to Conferences

Lately it seems like all the residents around here are scoring free trips to really cool places. My friend Lori just got back from San Diego with her Dr.H for a conference where he was a "delegate." Now they are turning around and heading to NYC on another trip courtesy of the Mayo Clinic for him to present a case report.

So far we haven't gotten to benefit from the whole conference thing, but we are planning to go to Vancouver in May for Dr.H to present a case report.

Has anyone else gotten to go to a conference in a cool place, courtesy of the residency program? Was it fun or a bore?


  1. So my husband is still a med no. But I do press coverage of medical conferences for a living and my company actually plans them. I actually enjoy them, but you have to be at least mildly interested in medicine. However- there is usually food, and watching your husband present would be pretty cool.

    Oh, and if you are in a cool city you can always enjoy it after the conference. Like I got to see New Orleans for the first time at a conference. But they left me at the office for last January's conference in Maui :(

  2. my husband went to boston on a very cool trip and got to stay at the w and eat at great places... i was supposed to go {all i had to do was pay for airfare} and not only would i have the trip but i was going to have 2 sightseeing days ALONE - no kids, no husband, just me.

    my MIL was supposed to watch our kids but her mom died the day we were to leave... i was beyond bummed about the trip. my husband went to boston and i stayed home... i was a pathetically sad person... it literally was one of the saddest times for me because i so very much needed to have a break {I have an infant and a toddler and we couldn't afford any activities for the summer...i was basically homebound all summer with no help. i lost my mind...}

  3. Ah! So wonderful... I love Vancouver :) I used to live there and actually live in Northern B.C. Perhaps I will be in the area while you're there!!

    (S needs to get his behind to a conference and invite me along!)

  4. Boston, San Diego, Washington, DC, Charleston, SC, and Amelia Island, FL...yep those trips are after 4 1/2 long years in the program. Think we're headed to TX this spring. I CAN NOT wait until Fellowship starts and then when get to start interviewing for REAL jobs!!