Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Hardest Time of the Week

I am so grateful to have a husband who works hard at work and works hard at church. In fact, he works so hard at church that he leaves for church 2 hours before the rest of us.
The most difficult time of the week is the hour before church begins. There is no other time of the week that everyone in the family has to be ready to go, looking their best ... simultaneously ...

Made breakfast. Doing good. Time to walk out door for church.

Get church bag together, gather crayons, pencils and activity books.

I get Brock dressed, uh oh, where are his shoes? Search house. Cougar knew all along.

I get Juliet dressed, uh oh, she sneezed ... a big messy sneeze.

Brock found a sucker somewhere and it is now all over him. Clean that up.

Cougar says he's ready, but has failed to remember, socks and shoes, or brushing his teeth or hair.

I pull my clothes on. We head out door. I go for my church bag, but it's gone! While I was pulling my clothes on Juliet took by bag and dumped the whole thing out on the floor of her room. Pick it all up.

Brock won't leave. Pretend to leave him. He screams. I go back in to get... huh, can't remember.

Oh yea, my purse.

Shoot, I forgot snacks. Church starts in 1 minute. Crap. Should I even bother? Well, we are all dressed.

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  1. I am sooo there with you girl!! This year has been 50X better, but before this year hubs worked two weekends a month and I took the boys with me to Bible class and Worship services (our church does not do the nursery thing by the way). I constantly wondered why I bothered..but then remembered it was about me setting an example to the kids and getting them into the habits of going and learning how to sit quietly and listen to the Bible lessons (or throw fits because they had to stay still and quiet). Thankfully they're both so much better at this. :-)