Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Applying for Fellowships - What I have learned so far

1. Even if Dr. H thinks he knows when to apply for fellowships, he should call programs and ask.
If you think it's time to apply - you're too late already.
Chad applied when his friends began to apply and many of the programs are already full. It's still 1 year and 1/2 away!!!!

2. It's who you know, not what you know. Have no shame in asking for phone calls and letter of recs from people who went to the fellowship you are interested in. The programs we have gotten interviews from either know him personally or one of his recommenders. If not, we haven't heard a word.

3. One interview with flight, rental and hotel is about $500. That's super fun; make it count.

4. Have program director look over CV before sending it out. My hubby's was not properly formatted for what he was applying. We needed to completely reformat and rewrite the whole thing!

5. Once you think everything should have been received, CALL THE PROGRAM AND VERIFY THAT THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Do this early. When you find out what is missing, get it sent off by fax or mail then- CALL THE PROGRAM AND VERIFY THAT THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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  1. We are only applying for visiting student rotations for residency, but my hubs filled out an app, paid the app fee, and waited for 3 weeks. He then emailed to check on it- she sent a boatload of other paperwork that took another week to fill out- said she doesn't routinely check for the fees to get paid, that he should've emailed her saying he made the payment so she would've known to look. Never thought having to have that constant check-in, even to let them know a fee was paid. So, good advice even for our stage.