Friday, February 27, 2009

I need an outlet

So we've managed to barely survive the first half of surgery internship year. It has been horrible. It is so scary right now because all the loans are coming due and Dr. Husband is too busy with too much work and too many hours to deal with the deferments and so forth without me pressuring him. I never see him and when I do I don't want to spend it nagging him.
When I call the loan companies they hang up on me because I am not Dr. Husband. I feel helpless. I worry that our credit will be destroyed and we won't be able to get a house.


  1. Wow. I should copy and paste this to my blog because I could have written it! What do they expect us to do?! ;o)

  2. I am sorry :(
    I don't know how this all works anymore... it's like a lose-lose situation right now and it is SCARY!
    I am sending you hugs. I know that isn't going to give you the money or security that you need but I am thinking of you (maybe that will help!?) xo